Have You Heard About Seth Rogen’s Cannabis Company?

“Houseplant was born out of our love and passion for cannabis, design and art,” Rogen said in a press release.

Seth Rogen’s new cannabis company, Houseplant, has been a decade in the making. The actor and his creative partner, Evan Goldberg, are rolling out their brand in California starting Thursday, March 11. This comes on the heels of the brand’s 2019 entry into the Canadian market.

California consumers will be able to purchase three flower strains, two sativas and one indica, directly from the Houseplant website, once it comes back live on the internet after high demand crashed the server. The brand will then expand to select dispensaries across the state later this spring.

In a video Rogen posted on Twitter announcing his brand’s launch, the actor said each of the strains had been “hand-picked, and by that I mean hand-smoked, by me.” While the flower will only be available in California, the brand will reach a wider audience with its line of smokeware and home goods including a block table lighter, a vinyl box set and an ashtray set designed by Rogen.

“I lose my lighters all the fucking time, but no more, because this dude is hard to lose,” Rogen said in the video. Houseplant will also be dropping new products every few weeks after the launch.

Like their stoner film “Pineapple Express,” Rogen and Goldberg named their strains after weather phenomena. The sativas are Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice, and the indica is Pink Moon. Rogen said Pancake Ice is “what I smoke all day,” and that it is over 33% THC, which is high compared with other strains on the market.

“The strains feature unique flavor profiles and boast high percentages of THC and other cannabinoids to ensure the best possible experience,” the release said. “When vetting cultivators, a rigorous process is followed to ensure alignment in values, including quality of product, sustainable cultivation techniques, operational consistency, business acumen, and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Houseplant’s launch “has been a long time coming,” CEO Michael Mohr said in the release. Rogen tweeted a teaser in anticipation of the launch Sunday night. “We have spent years obsessing about the underserved cannabis consumer, researching and ideating what the holistic Houseplant experience should look like,” Mohr said in the release.

Rogen is the latest celebrity to put out a cannabis brand, joining the ranks of Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and Jay-Z. “This is just the beginning,” Rogen said in the video. “This is honestly my life’s work and I’ve never been more excited about anything. I hope you enjoy it.”

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